The sound of police sirens jolted her awake, almost falling off of the stool as her widened eyes darted towards the wide windows of the coffee shop. The first thought that came into mind was the one thing she feared the most. That her father was coming for her. But once her eyes focused on the bi-colored lights on the vehicles outside, she realized that the police were parked across the street. Narrowing her eyes more, she saw a man on the ground being handcuffed by the men in black and yellow.

Not special forces. Hollie took a shaky sigh of relief and wiped off the sweat on her forehead with her sleeve, going back behind the counter so that the police officers wouldn’t see her face. She didn’t want to risk one of them recognizing her either way; she knew just how much her father had power. And abused it.

It took a while, but the police finally cleared the area after twenty more minutes, Hollie’s gaze following them all the way until she couldn’t see them anymore. Good… The young woman mused inside her head. No worries, no worries.

Hollie turned the radio on, turning the volume up loudly so that she could drown her mind in the swaying notes of jazz. Not to think of the police, but how the sounds of the singer’s low voice echoed inside the coffee shop. Not to think of her father, but the rhythms of the different instruments, all unique in their own playing, yet able to beautifully intertwine into a song pleasing to the ears. Yes, think of the music, not the troubles.

Her gaze traveled around the empty coffee shop, feeling that her graveyard shift was going to be just another boring night.